​​​                Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park

              125 Armstrong St. Travis AFB, CA 94535
Phone:    1-707-398-5722     Email: ben@ballisticbens.com
Hours:    Every Saturday Sun 9am-4pm Rain-or-Shine! Ages 10+

               No Experience Necessary ✔ Rentals Available ✔

Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park is situated on 20 acres and has several unique playing courses available! What sets Ballistic Ben's apart is our game play style. With exciting games like Capture the Flag, Attack and Defend, King of the Hill, Mario Kart, Soccer and more, you are sure to have an absolute blast! It's our mission to keep you entertained and we LOVE doing it. We hope you'll choose us! 

No Experience Necessary ✔ Rentals Available ✔

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Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park

1601 Enterprise Dr. Ste.3 

Fairfield, CA 94533

" Paintball for the fun of it "