SAT FEB 16 @ Davis Paintball

YOU'RE INVITED to Ballistic Ben's Game o Games Sunday Feb. 24, 2019 at Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park at Travis AFB, CA! Game o Games is a paintball Sunday Funday crammed full of microgames with various props and objectives! It includes games such as Gladiators (with shields), Freeze Tag, Bloodbath & Beyond, Soccer, and NorCal vs. Predator (store wars). Game o' Games is an opportunity for newbies, regulars, and tournament players to join up and just have a hilarious time together. $40.00 Registration includes unlimited air and a full day of unique back-to-back games! PLUS we're treating you to a cookout (on us!) and VIP sale at NorCal Paintball Store immediately afterward. You can bring your own paint or purchase paint from the field. You don't have to pre-register, just show up. 

SUN FEB 10 - MON FEB 11 @ Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park

SAT FEB 16 @ Paintball Jungle

SUN FEB 24 @ Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park

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SAT MAR 2 @ Davis Paintball


WHERE:  Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park 

                125 Armstrong St. Travis AFB, CA 94535

NOTICE: If you want to volunteer this weekend please call or text 707-398-5722. 
Volunteer time slots available:

(Note: There is no minimum volunteer time requirement...30 min or 8 hours; it's up to you!)
Mon 9am-Dark

Instagram @ballisticbens