NorCal Paintball Store

713 Merchant St.

Vacaville, CA 95688

Phone 1-707-447-7529


Tue-Fri 12pm-7pm

Saturday 8am-7pm

When Can I drop it off?         Drop your item off anytime during business hours! Hours are posted below.

How long will it take?             Please give us two weeks but it's not guaranteed. Some will be faster, some will take longer; depending on parts,                                                                    complexity, and our current workload. 

How much is it?                       Gun service starts at $40 (Ex: Spyder/Tippmann/Pumps/Etc.) then ranges $60 (Ex: Dye/Empire/Eclipse/Etc),

                                                    $80 (Ex: Autococker), and $125 for more complex markers such as the "Electronic" Autococker. Parts are extra.

Can I mail it in?                      Yes! Just cover shipping both ways. Please mail your gun to NorCal Paintball Store 713 Merchant St. Ste. A Vacaville, CA                                                      95688 and include this info: Name, Phone Number, Return Address, Marker Type, Marker Color, Serial #, and                                                                        description of problem.