A Battle of Two Forces, NorCal vs Predator! Okay, so maybe we do have a smidgen of competition at Game o' Games lol. But it's all in good fun! Store Wars is a game we play at every Game o' Games. You play on the team of whichever store (NorCal Paintball Store in Vacaville or Predator Paintball Store in Rocklin) you loiter at most (cause face it, you're never just in-and-out!!). Store Wars was first introduced in Feb. 2018.



You do not have to pre-register for Ballistic Ben's Game o' Games. Simply show up! That easy. 

Game o' Games happens every two months on the second Sunday, year round! We rotate through these five local paintball parks: Midway Paintball in Vacaville, Davis Paintball in Davis, Paintball Jungle in American Canyon, Capital Edge Paintball in Sacramento, and Shooters Paintball in Nicolaus.

2018 Dates: Feb. 11, Apr. 8, Jun. 10, Aug. 12, Oct. 14, Dec. 9
2019 Dates: Feb. 10, Apr. 14, Jun. 9, Aug. 11, Oct. 13, Dec. 8

The Deets!


That's right! We're giving away a brand new Planet Eclipse Emek at the first Game o' Games that has 100 players! 


No, we don't think the sport of Paintball as a whole is in danger of fizzling out. We simply like to laugh and want to help grow the fun comedic lighthearted side of paintball by bringing all types of players together to bask in hilarity and just plain nonsense.


It's easy, volunteer one half of the day and get the other half FREE (includes access to cookout and VIP Sale!). Help needed includes refereeing, setting up games, briefing players, taking pictures, etc. If you're interested let us know BEFORE the event you want to help with by emailing or clicking HERE.