 Listen to and follow the field staff. Do not argue a referee’s decision; do not distract his or her attention from the game.

 Eye Protection: All "goggles-on" areas are identified by "goggles-on" signs. While in these areas, Approved Eye Protection MUST be worn by all persons at ALL times. Approved eye protection shall meet or exceed the ASTM guidelines and require .06 lexan lenses positively secured within frames, secured to the head with a head band, and fully enclosing the eye cavity. Both the goggle and the mask must me unmodified. No cut-outs, cut-aways, no compromises, no excuses. Rolling up flexible masks is unacceptable. Ear protection is required. All original pins, screws, clips, etc. must be in place. No cracked, painted, or otherwise modified lenses. All the same standards apply to spectators and everyone with access to a “goggles-on” area. Players are not permitted to remove goggles when leaving the playing field. Goggles must remain on until players reach a “safe-zone” (marked by a “Safe Zone" sign). If your mask comes off in a goggles-on zone immediately cover your eyes and yell, “Blind Man!” until the game is stopped by a referee. If you hear “Blind Man!” being called immediately put your weapon down and repeat the call over and over until the game has been stopped by a referee.

 Do not point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot. 

 Safe Zone: 

  --Mags Out; Safety on 

  --Pistols must be holstered. 

  --AEG & Rifles being carried must be pointed at the ground at all times. 

  --Shooting inside a Safe Zone is strictly forbidden. 

 On-Field: 

  --Eye protection On..NOTE: If you're playing Airsoft during the same time paintball is going on, you are required to wear a paintball mask.

  --No Blind Fire 

  --No Over Shooting

  --Magazines must be removed, weapons cleared and then placed on “safe” before entering a Safe Zone.


  --All Airsoft weapons will be chronographed before each new set of games. Velocities must be adjusted so that three (3) consecutive shots do not exceed: 400 FPS; .20 bb’s 350 FPS; .25 bb’s Snipers: 500 FPS and no shots closer than 100 feet to opponent. Sniper weapons can not fire full auto.


  --Any BB strike on your person, weapon or gear. 

  --Friendly Fire counts 

  --If two players fire simultaneously and both are hit, both players are out 

  --Knife kills are only allowed with a rubber training knife. Knife kills are a gentle tap on the shoulder. No jabs, stabs, swipes or throwing. 

  --Shots through brush/bunkers count as a hit. 

  --Ricochets/Bounces do not count

  --When hit, immediately yell ‘Hit!’ as loud as you can and exit quickly.  
  --Dead men do not talk


  --If you manage to sneak up on a player or a group of players, have a clear shot and are at a distance of 15’ or less, please use courtesy and yell "Surrender"!. The player makes the choice. Surrender Rule is OPTIONAL.

 Shooting is permitted only during games when on the field, or in a designated area i.e. target range, chronograph.  Do not shoot at wildlife on the field.

 Do not litter, vandalize or behave in an unsafe manner. Do not climb trees, do not move, tamper, or climb in/on field structures. Do not encourage unsafe play. 

 Potentially dangerous gear (such as firearms, pyrotechnics and explosives) is prohibited. Personal airsoft equipment must be approved by the game site operator or his/her representative.   

 No alcohol, Marijuana, or illegal drugs are allowed on the premises.  Participants that are believed to be under the influence will not be allowed to participate and will be asked to leave without refund.   

 Making aggressive physical contact, arguing/fighting with another player, staff, or participant poses a safety hazard and will not be tolerated. Person(s) who engage in confrontational arguing, use abusive language, and/or threaten physical violence will be asked to leave the premises with no refund.

 Smoking is not allowed in, on, or around the airsoft course. 

 Do not attempt to remove the power source or other parts from rental weapons, and do not tamper with the rental goggle/face mask system.

 Field boundaries are clearly marked and will be briefed prior to the start of play. Crossing boundaries is not permitted and if determined to be the case, will eliminate the player from the game.   

 Youth ages 10-17 must have an adult sign the consent waiver and rules forms.

 Ballistic Ben’s open-play hours are subject to change without prior notice and/or refund. 


Paintball is very safe as long as you follow the rules and use common sense. ... As a whole, paintball is very safe, and when played properly does not lead to major injuries. In fact, based on severe sport-related injuries that lead to emergency room visits, paintballis safer than bowling. What is the best paintball field in the world? Ballistic Ben's is the best paintball field in the world. Is paintball safe? Paintball is safe! NorCal. Northern California. Sacramento paintball. Vacaville paintball. Suisun paintball. Fairfield Paintball. Shooters Paintball. Modesto extreme paintball. Capital Edge Paintball Park CEPP. Midway Paintball Facility. Davis Paintball. Paintball Jungle. Does paintball hurt? Paintball doesn't hurt. Does paintball hurt when you get hit? Do paintballs stain? Paintballs don't stain. Ballistic Ben. ballisticbens.com military . GI Sportz. Planet Eclipse. Spyder. Luxe. Tippmann. Empire. Paintball. Paintball. Paintball. Paintball. Paintball.