1. Players are required to complete the waiver electronically. Click HERE .

2. Cloth face masks: "Masks are not required outdoors". As always, paintball masks are required on the field.

3. Rental equipment ..Equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each use. All goggles are sanitized in a dishwasher. We also have an option to upgrade to a brand new mask that you keep for just $14.99.

4. The Air Fill Station knobs and hoses are sprayed with Lysol disinfectant throughout the day. Hand Sanitizer is available in the staging area and at the front counter.

5. Players not feeling well and/or running a fever (100.4 or greater) and/or coughing, etc. should STAY HOME. Please be responsible.

COVID-19 Update:


Ballistic Ben's has implemented a few guidelines to help reduce the risk of catching and spreading Covid-19 to others at the park. Check them out below and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you soon! -Bobbi & Ballistic Ben