Frequently Asked Questions

(Real questions asked by real customers!)

1) If we have non-players, can we stay and watch?
Yes, non-players are welcome at no additional cost! They can hang out in the staging area and watch from the safe side, or they can go on the field and watch. Note: Only 1 course can be seen from the staging area and everyone on the field whether playing or viewing must be the minimum age, sign a waiver, attend a safety-briefing, and wear a safety-mask.

2) Do you allow for us to bring drinks and snacks for the players since it may be a hot day? 
Absolutely, we encourage it! We don't have power so please bring an ice chest. We do have tables and they're under cover 🙂

3) Are there food options at the Base?  
Most folks will order from
Dominos since they deliver. 

4) I know it says to arrive at the visitor center 30 minutes before reservation time -- If we do so, will you be open a bit before the reservation start time?
The gate to the field will be open and the staff will be preparing for your group. If you show up a little early, you're welcome to hang out and get settled in at your tables.

5) If we have more than 10 players, do you need to know ahead of time or can we pay for them upon arrival?

You can save $5 per person by paying in advance at the time you book your reservation or you can pay on the day of the event for any extra players. Note: Prepaid folks are not refundable so you'll want to make sure they're coming if you choose this option. 

6) We live about an hour away from your site- how early do we need to arrive for a 9am-12pm time slot?

We are on a military base and if you don't have a military ID card you will need to put in for a pass before booking your reservation (Note: All adults age 18+ will have to put in for a pass, not just the driver. Minors do not need passes). If this is your case you will need to arrive to the Visitor Center by 8:30am. If you already have a military ID card, you can arrive at 9am.

7) Is there quite a difference between the low impact paintballs vs. the standard ones? Most boys are 13-14 years old and we may have a few 18 year olds. 

Yes, there is a big difference. Low-Impact still stings but not as intense as traditional paintball. We see much higher participation with Low-Impact. With traditional paintball it's common for at least 1 person to play the 1st game and sit out the rest of the games. Not the case with Low-Impact. We highly recommend Low-Impact 💯  

8) How many paintballs do you think 10 people will need?

Usually around 500 paintballs per person. We do have some parties purchase extra paint, but rarely exceeds an extra case of 2,000ct on top of the 5,000ct included with the reservation. We sell paintballs by the 100ct/$5, 500ct/$17, 1000ct/$30, and 2000ct/$50. 

9) Can glasses be worn under the masks?

Yes, glasses can be worn under the mask.

10) What kind of shoes and clothes should we wear?

Open-toed shoes are not allowed. Please wear comfortable shoes you aren't afraid of getting dirty. We recommend wearing baggy clothes. Hoodies are okay but we don't recommend playing with the hood up, especially in the cooler months, as it could increase the chance of lenses fogging up. We do not recommend wearing tight-fitting clothes, shorts or sleeveless tops.

11) Is it okay if not all 10 of my people make it to the reservation?

Yes, that's okay. If your reservation includes ammo you will still receive all of it. 

12) When do we take a break to eat and have the birthday cake?

You can take your break anytime during the reservation. You are also welcome to wait until the end and do the birthday cake while staff are still on site closing everything up.

13) Can the waiver be filled out in advance? 

Yes. Waivers can be filled out in advance here and they are good for one year. We do not have paper waivers.