What is the meaning of this?!

The Paintball Trading Post is our online store with both New and Pre-owned Paintball and Airsoft gear; however, mostly Pre-owned. We have been in paintball since the 90's and after owning stores and fields we've accumulated SO MUCH preowned paintball stuff. So much that it's become difficult to store and difficult for you all to sift through at the shop! To fix this we are putting it all on PAINTBALLTRADINGPOST.COM. This is new and we're adding stuff every single day so check back often. You never know what could get added (neither do we!). 

So to conclude, the PAINTBALLTRADINGPOST.COM is mainly to clear out our pre-owned treasures..some things will be exciting, others will be junk. But, as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure! New items will also be on the site and if you want a new item that is not listed on the site we can get it. The "trading" part is a bonus but not a requirement. If you want to trade an item for an item on the site click the button above that says REQUEST A QUOTE.