Ballistic Ben's Game o Games Venues:

Midway Paintball Facility in Vacaville, CA

 Paintball Jungle in American Canyon, CA

                                             Davis Paintball in Davis, CA

         Shooter's All-Season Paintball in Nicolaus, CA

          Capital Edge Paintball Park in Sacramento, CA

Paintball Sunday Fundays

Since 2016

Event # 10 Sun June 10th, 2018 NorCal vs Predator Battle at Paintball Jungle


EVENT #8   02/11/18 = PREDATOR!

EVENT #9   04/08/18 = PREDATOR!

EVENT #10 06/10/18 = PREDATOR!

You're invited to Game o Games # 11:

NorCal's next chance to battle for the trophy will be

August 12th! Will Predator have enough fight in 'em to hold the title?  

What is Ballistic Ben's Game o Games?

Game o Games is a paintball funday cram packed full of microgames with various props and objectives! It includes games such as Gladiators (with shields), Freeze Tag, Bloodbath & Beyond, Soccer, and NorCal vs. Predator (store wars). Game o Games is designed to be fun and not competitive. It's  an opportunity for newbies, regulars, and tournament players alike to come together and just have a good fun time. The Sunday Funday is guaranteed to appeal to all types of personalities! We wrap the day up with a cookout and special sale at NorCal Paintball Store in Vacaville or Predator Paintball in Rocklin (depending on field venue location). Join us and make memories you'll talk about for a lifetime!

Current Trophy Holder: PREDATOR!

VOLUNTEERS: Wanna help and earn perks?? Send an email to to learn how you can become a part of the game o games magic  ✨

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