What is Ballistic Ben's Game o' Games?

Game o' Games is a paintball funday crammed full of microgames with various props and objectives! It includes games such as Gladiators (with shields), Freeze Tag, Bloodbath & Beyond, Soccer, and NorCal vs. Predator (store wars). Game o' Games is designed to be fun and lighthearted. It's  an opportunity for newbies, regulars, and tournament players to join up and just have a hilarious time together. We wrap the day up with a cookout (on us!). Join us and make memories you'll talk about for a lifetime!

When and Where is Ballistic Ben's Game o' Games?

Game o' Games happens every two months on the second Sunday, year round! We rotate through these five local paintball parks: Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park in Travis AFB, Midway Paintball in Vacaville, Davis Paintball in Davis, Paintball Jungle in American Canyon, Capital Edge Paintball in Sacramento, and Shooters Paintball in Nicolaus.

2019 Game o' Games Dates: Feb. 24, Aug. 11, Oct. 27, and Dec. 15

2020 Game o' Games Dates: Jan. 12, Feb. 9, Mar. 8, Apr. 12, May 10, Jun. 14,

                                                           Jul. 12, Aug. 9, Sep. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 8 and Dec. 13

Paintball is very safe as long as you follow the rules and use common sense. ... As a whole, paintball is very safe, and when played properly does not lead to major injuries. In fact, based on severe sport-related injuries that lead to emergency room visits, paintballis safer than bowling.


EVENT #8   02/11/18 = PREDATOR!

EVENT #9   04/08/18 = PREDATOR!

EVENT #10 06/10/18 = PREDATOR!

EVENT #11 08/12/18 = PREDATOR!

EVENT #12 10/14/18 = NORCAL!

EVENT #13 02/24/19 = NORCAL!

Event # 12 Sun October 14th, 2018 NorCal vs Predator Battle at Davis Paintball

Event: Ballistic Ben's Game o Games #16!
 Location: Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park at Travis AFB, CA
Date: Sunday Dec 15, 2019

Note: Ballistic Ben's is located on an active US Air Force Base. If you need base access the deadline to sign up is 11:59pm Sunday Dec 1st! You Don't have to prepay! This is just to get your name on the list in case you can make it :-) . Click HERE. Do this even if you're not sure you're coming. Better safe than sorry!
You also have the option to save $5 by prepaying for your registration when you sign up for base access! *woohoo*

YOU'RE INVITED to Ballistic Ben's Game o Games! Game o Games is a paintball Sunday Funday crammed full of microgames with various props and objectives! It includes games such as Gladiators (with shields), Mario Cart, Freeze Tag, Bloodbath & Beyond, Soccer, NorCal vs. Predator (store wars), and more! Game o' Games is an opportunity for newbies, regulars, and tournament players to join up and just have a hilarious time together. Admission is $40 which covers entry, unlimited air, discounted paintballs, and a coupon redeemable at NorCal Paintball Store and Predator Paintball Store! We're also providing a FREE cookout afterward! You can bring your own paint or purchase paint from the field. Approved Brands ONLY: GI Sportz, Empire, Tippmann, Valken, HK Army and Zap.

Questions? Click HERE or call 707-398-5722   

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We hope to see you there!

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Ballistic Ben's Game o Games Venues:

Midway Paintball Facility in Vacaville, CA

 Paintball Jungle in American Canyon, CA

                                             Davis Paintball in Davis, CA

         Shooter's All-Season Paintball in Nicolaus, CA

          Capital Edge Paintball Park in Sacramento, CA

                                            Ballistic Ben's Paintball Park in Travis AFB, CA